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Successful marketing performance, in turn, needs its own philosophy of handling the marketing process starting from analyzing the marketing environments to making strategic plans and their implementation. Given the mix of threats and unprecedented opportunities unveiled by globalization and technological advancement experienced in recent times, the role of marketing to the success and survival of organizations is getting even more crucial for businesses both in the developed and developing countries. And, more than any time else, it seems that it is a high time for respective marketing departments of business to get afresh in their reaction to such new national and global business environments.

Therefore, currently many higher education institutions are offering a program of “Marketing Management” with the objective of producing skilled human power on issue of marketing to fill gaps in marketing management, marketing planning, marketing research, and consultancy on marketing strategies and activities in different private and public sector organizations in the country . Madda Walabu University is one of the higher education institutions that provide this program

 Marketing management department was established in madda walabu university 2000/2008 under school of business and economics  to  provide a learning opportunity and train prospects who would like to pursue their career in the field of “Marketing Management”.  i.e . The program is designed to provide students an in-depth understanding of how to achieve total customer satisfaction through the use of appropriate marketing skills. It is also aimed to develop flexibility, adaptability and independence to enable our graduates to cope in a rapidly changing economic, social and technological environment in an innovative way.

2.      Programs

Name of the program :-Marketing Management

Name of Degree to be awarded:- Bachelor of Arts Degree in Marketing Management

                                                            የአርት ባችለር ዲግሪ በገበያ ስራ ኣመራር

Duration :- The duration of the study for BA in Marketing Management is three years. A student who fails to meet the minimum graduation requirement may stay as per the legislation of the respective universities. 


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