Accounting and Finance as a profession had emerged following the ever increasing needs of mankind in the social, economic and business environment. The accounting profession has shown a continuous and tremendous growth in the business world. This evolution of the accounting practice ranges from the ancient civilization periods of the Babylonians and Egyptians when payments for daily workers were used to be calculated on clay, as today’s practice where Computerized Accounting Information Systems that are used for generation of financial information which is very useful for making reliable business decisions. The significance as well as momentum of growth of the accounting discipline has increased after the 18th century Industrial Revolution of the Great Britain which has brought a series of radical changes in the Content, Concept and Context of many of the professional fields, particularly those under the shadow of Business and Economics.

In the existing organizational dynamics and global integrations, the importance of vibrant Accounting and Finance professionals is indisputable. The central role of accountancy and finance in society make them interesting disciplines in their own right, especially for those who are interested in how economic or financial activities of any economic players, both at the micro and macro level, influences and structures our lives.

Over the past periods, the program has long been working on the conventional knowledge based course based delivery system with its many drawbacks including lack of academic coherence, poor assessment and evaluation, fragmented knowledge, poor quality and relevance of the curriculum as a whole which could not produce highly qualified and competitive graduates at the job markets.

The modularized curriculum constitutes modules and courses carefully designed to transform the conventional academic incoherence approach to competence based teaching/learning approach behind the modularization.

Rationale of the program

Accounting and Finance as a profession had emerged in response to the social, economic and business environment needs. The Accounting and Finance profession has shown a continuous and tremendous growth in the business world. Accounting and Finance, in the modern context of business, is a Financial Information and Communication System that provides various groups of decision makers with valuable and reliable information that makes a difference in their day-to-day business decisions.

The basic rationale of the program is attributed to the observed continuously flourishing of different organizations in Ethiopia, along with the rapid pace of development of Ethiopian economy over the past periods. Different countries in general, and Ethiopia, in particular host various organizations: private, governmental, profit making, non-profit making, service, manufacturing organizations, etc. 


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