About  MBA (postgraduate) program

The program endeavors to integrate research and education and attempts to meet the ever growing demand for professionally qualified and highly skilled manpower that can work in profitable and non-profitable organizations both nationally and internationally. Thus, the MBA program is to create a new generation professionals who can face the emerging challenges of globalization and competition with confidence. The program attempts to generate professionals that suit today’s dynamic environment filling the gap of the middle and top level management in profitable as well as non-profitable governmental and non-governmental organizations.

The government is also calling on existing universities to launch post graduate programs, promising at the same time, to provide any required support for the program on its part.

To this end, the Department of Management, extending its rich experience in undergraduate program, is also now to open a post graduate program: Master of Business Administration (MBA) with view to turn out highly qualified Management professionals, equipped with advanced level of managerial knowledge and skills. The MBA program works towards achieving the following vision, mission and objectives.

Scope of the Program

The field of Business Administration is broad and dynamic in nature.  There is large number of   career opportunities available in the field of Business as the nation is in a better economic transition.  Many international investors have identified Ethiopia as a potential investment destination.  Due to the fact, large business ventures are being setup in the country. Obviously, the companies are looking for Business Professionals with high caliber to man the positions earmarked for the nationals. On the other hand, non-business organizations are also looking for MBA graduates to carry on their non-profit making projects.

The MBA program at MWU will be distinguished by its generality. Its vision is as follows.


In the first place MBA is an area of business management which is very specific and leads to specialization. It is not management at BA level. We will be at fore front in management education in few years through forging strong business partnerships with national and international stakeholders. The MBA program at MWU will be lounged by its generality for the time being/commencing.


Consistent with the mission of the university, the mission of the university in the MBA program is to provide quality and high caliber management professionals who are able to:

  • Critically analyze and identify business problems and opportunities;
  • Use qualitative and quantitative methods and technology to support problem analysis and decision making;
  • Use and communicate information to influence an organization;
  • Build teams, empower colleagues, and motivate subordinates within an organization;
  • Integrate decision-making across all business functions to develop effective strategies
  • Seek , generate and manage change to act in line with the government’s transformation plan
  • Understand the ever-changing and complex local and global business environment and effectively cater management theories into the situation underground.


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