Madawalabu University(MWU) is one of the higher educational institutions. The name Madawalabu University is given to the university based on the place name which is 227 Km away from the zonal town Robe to the south west. Historically the place is closely related to the Oromo people who are the brain child of the culture of the "Gada" system as it has been recurrently indicated by elders and researchers. This place has been recurrently indicated by elders and researchers. This place has deep rooted value for Oromo people. Now a days, the name Madawalabu is commonly used by Madawalabu Stadium, Madawalabu Cultural band, Madawalabu University itself and other smaller business centers named after this unique place in order to make the memory long lasting in the mind of the people.

Madawalabu University is, in fact, among the recently founded (1999 E.C)institutions of public higher education in the country. However; despite its being new the university can be categorized as the rapidly changing institution in terms of student admission, expansion of programs and campuses.

The geography of the zone and its state of being bread basket in terms of production make its surrounding to be the Ukraine of Africa, which in turn makes the university a place of worth living. Moreover, the university is surrounded by different tourist attraction centres which make it appealing to be an ear catching institution to be visited.

Currently, the university is running over 42 programmes at B.A/B.Sc/M.Sc and BeD levels. It has  1 institute 

5 college  and 3 Schools  In 2009, 

List of the Institute, Collages and Schools

1. Institute of  Technology

2.College of Natural and Computational science 

3.College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

4.College of Business and Economics

5. College of Education and Behavioral Science

6. College of Social Sciences and Humanities

7. Goba Referral Hospital

                     A. School of Medicine  

                     B.School of Health Sciences 

8.      School of Law

Masters Degree Programs
  1. Environmental Science
  2. Micro-Biology
  3. TEFL/Teaching English as a Foreign language
  4. MBA/Masters of Business Administration
  5. Urban Planning and Management
  6. Ecology and Biodiversity Conservation
  7. Curriculum and TPD/Teachers Professionals Development
  8. Oromo Language and Literature
  9. Amharic Language and Literature
  10. Environmental Science
  11. Applied micro Biology
  12. Biology
  13. Physics
  14. M.Public Health 
  15. M.Reproductive Health