Message from Administrative & Development Vice President


Madda Walabu University is playing its role since its inception depending on its missions identified by the ministry of education. These missions basically include teaching learning, research and community services. These responsibilities are implemented by the two big wings: academic and administrative under the president office. As the role of universities are basically teaching learning, the academic office primarily runs these activities and the efforts are again more empowered by the inputs from the administrative wing.

The financial resources are partly decentralized to schools depending on their yearly plans. The support of technical utilization and monitoring of the budget is from finance and budget directorate. The utilization of salary, procurement and the capital budget are provided on time for the requests from each work units and close follow up is practiced against the implementation rules.  With this regard, promising comments are always given from the internal and external audits.

The student services are also getting improved   to the extent that the customers/students are proving their satisfaction, especially when compared with the former services. These are achieved with regular coordination and the discussion of management, student service directorate and students themselves. The cafeteria buildings are under renewal for keeping safety, sanity and attractiveness. The cooking and the washing machines are being installed for better facilitation. The dormitory latrines are also being renewed for better services.

Fencing the university compound is almost at its final completion for securing the resources and other services.  The campus policemen, proctors, block masters, different student co-ordinations such as student council,  and peace forum are regularly trained. Class representatives and student committees always discuss on all service deliveries, teaching learning and current issues for peaceful teaching and learning. The human resource management directorate has also identified the gap and recruited additional human power depending on the civil service rules and regulations.

The university has already begun different projects for expanding physical assets.  Management, staff recreational centre, store, cooking and bakery buildings are under construction. New toilets are at their finishing stage.

The income generating directorate is also making a promising effort for supplying the university’s budget need. The university has large areas   of land which are being used for wheat production and some fruits and vegetable productions. The diary activities and fattening of oxen are also practiced.  Some organized small micro enterprises are providing   services such as shop, laundry cafeteria for which they pay money for the university. These enterprises are   a good source of income for the university.

 In general, the above are the major activities being undertaken in the university by the combined efforts of the management bodies,   and its entire   staff   who are working devotedly   for   improving the working skills and service deliveries.


 Ato Wolde Eshetu

Administrative and Development Vice President)