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Academic Vice President Message

 The goal of education is to inspire a life time love to learn. Education is the back-bone for citizens and countries on the path of development, especially for developing countries like Ethiopia. That's why the Ethiopian Government set different policies in expanding higher education in Ethiopia. Madda Walabu University is the typical example of the victory of the efforts of the present government and has given due regions who have benefited from this university. The university, receiving the vision and mission of the government for the citizens is accomplishing the following major responsibilities. Since its establishment, the university is producing many educated graduates in quantity and quality to support our country's development demand. A large number of students from various fields like Engineering, Business, Natural Science, Social Science, Language, Mathematics and Health Sciences have graduated from the University. They are contributing their role in our country’s development and serving their country. in addition to this, the university has also launched post graduate study programs in the fields like Masters of  Business Administration, Environmental Sciences, Micro Biology, Urban Planning and Management, Curriculum and Teachers' Development, Ecology and Biodiversity Conservation and Teaching English as a Foreign language. Not only this, in this, in the coming Academic year the University is going to launch new programs for master’s program depending on the need of our country and surrounding societies. In line with the expansion of these fields of studies, the university is working hard to improve the quality of education. The number of dropouts has drastically reduced. to sustain this and deliver quality education, the University has upgraded the educational level of many instructors and lecturers from first degree to second degree and  second degree to third degrees in the Universities in our countries and abroad.