Message from the President


Message from Madda Walabu University President

The mission of higher education institution is to serve the public through teaching and research. We will be more true to our enduring purpose and more effective in making the public case for higher education.  Education is a vital instrument of reduction of poverty and assuring food security through enhancing continuous human development which is fertile ground for national growth.

MaddaWalabu University is one of the public higher education institutions which was founded in February, 2005 and commenced its programs in December, 2006. It is found in Oromia region Bale zone which is endowed with diversified agro-ecology, ample heritage and tourism potential and abundant fauna and flora. It is named ‘MaddaWalabu’ University based on the place called ‘Madda Walabu,’ a historical place recognized in the socio-cultural history of Oromo people. During its inception, the university launched with ten study programs taking 742 students with human resource of 75 academic staff and 20 support staff.  Now a day the University has 849 academic and 1600 supporting staff, respectively.The MaddaWalabu University is rapidly growing in terms of student in-take capacity, expansion of programs and infrastructure. Having passed through a series of stages of development and challenges, the University has now become one of the prominent higher education institutions. Our University constantly pursues standard of excellence in teaching and research by working collaboratively with institutions within the country and overseas, and most importantly with its stakeholders in order to remain responsive to the ever changing needs of the society. Currently, more than 13,254 students are pursuing their education in 43 under graduate programs and 14 post graduate programs which offered in regular, extension, summer and in-service basis in two campuses. Other than thesein three campuses, the university also offers weekend program at Ginir, Dodola and Dell oMenna sites. So far, the university had graduated about total of 11,735 graduates. Itis believed that Madda Walabu University contributed a lot in creating enabling environment to produce qualified graduates, conduct problem solving researches and carry out need based community services.

The University give priority on innovation of technology, adoption and transfer activities in consistent with the developmental need of the country. So far the university conducted 130 different research works and published ----- on reputable international journal which is a great achievement. The University adopted about 160 noble technologies and disseminated to community and industries which have significant impact on our national economic growth. Community service and industry linkage is areas of  focus for our  university in the coming strategic plan and to realize this the University reorganized its research and academic wing by using business re-engineering tools which will be  implemented in the coming academic years.MaddaWalabu University aggressively working on ensuring quality education by working on teacher’s development providing that 107 PhD and 156 Msc/MA are on study and different laboratory, engineering workshop and library construction are on progress. Moreover, the University working hard to upgrade the networking system which had committed huge resources and with the peer group agreement with Jimma University a principled jobs are on advancement.

Overall, we are starting the journey to realize our mission and vision having in minded that our values to be institution of center of Excellency and hub of technology that produce researchers and scientists that serve his people and country.The University has enthusiastic academic staff members who committed to discharge their experts in research and community service to accomplish the second education transformation plan.

 Madda Walabu University President