Surveying Engineering

Message from Department Headof Surveying Engineering

Surveying is a global profession with excellent opportunities in industries that underpin land markets, urban and rural development and engineering construction.

Madda Walabu University started its Surveying Engineering Degree Program in 2007 E.C. The program's objective was to train future surveyors to be qualified for the practical application of sciences and technologies involved in acquiring, storing, managing, processing, integrating and visualizing geographic and spatially referenced information as well as integrating the data for different kinds of analyses.

Surveying Engineering Department has local and expatriate Instructors and laboratory assistants who are very much dedicated in attaining the University's vision of becoming an institution well known for its outstanding learner experience and distinctive regional contributions. The department would also like to recognize the high quality impact of its staff on teaching, training, applied research and innovation to their student's success as future surveyors.

The goal we aim to achieve as a department is highly possible with the unswerving dedication of our students and staff alongside the remarkable support of the University. Together we can bring the change we are all dreaming of in the field of surveying through development of practice oriented education and research. Producing surveying engineers who will contribute to the social and economic development is highly beneficial in substantially reducing poverty in our beloved country.