Construction Technology and Management

Message from  Department Head of Construction Technology and Management

The mission of higher institutions is to provide public service through teaching and continuous research. Construction technology and management department was established in 2003 E.C, to provide quality education for students. COTM was the first department to the university in engineering college. The departments had several batches of alumni who served for their people. The department has local and expatriate instructors who have been of great help in achieving its goal of producing graduates who are not just globally competitive but one that would help the world to progress. We have started our quest to realizing our mission and vision having in mind that our values as department for center of excellence and hub of technology will play the key role in bringing forth researchers and managers scientists who will serve their country.

Despite all these efforts, the department continues to improve on other areas in need of support following their goal to generate more and more quality graduates. In pursuit of attaining the university mission, I would like to request all the staff and the people around the department to contribute on the advancement of the institution.  

 About the Department

Construction technology and management department was established in the year 2008 with 28 students, five years undergraduate degree program in Construction technology and management. Now the department has 600 students, 34 staff members (including Ethiopian and expatriate instructors) and laboratory assistants.


The Department of Construction Technology and Management aspires to excel in teaching, problem solving and community based research, and industry linkage at regional, national as well as international level; to produce competent engineers within the field of construction technology and management.


The mission of Construction Technology and Management Department is to:

  •  Train students to help develop a knowledge base in mathematics, science, engineering, and technology to support planning, analyzing, and solving of engineering and construction problems using state of the art management and design tools and techniques.
  • Produce professionals who will have leadership skills, and effective verbal, non-verbal, and interpersonal skills to support their role in industry.
  • Train students who will demonstrate appropriate mastery of knowledge, techniques, skills, and up-to-date tools of construction.
  •  Effect teaching that allows students to become informed and participating citizens cognizant of ethics, civic duty, and social responsibility.