Information Systems

Mr.Guta Fikadu

Message from the Department Head of Information Systems

Information Systems is an arrangement of people, data, processes, communication, and information technology that interact to capture, transmit, store, retrieve, manipulate and/or display information needed to support and improve day-to-day operations in a business as well as support the problem solving and decision making needs of management and other users. 

Graduate profile and professional profile

Admission Requirements

  • Therequirements for admission to the program are as per the University’s admission requirement.

Graduation Requirements

The major graduation requirements of the program include:

  • Fulfilling the graduation requirements set by the University;
  • Student Academic status will be determined for each level/academic year instead of each semester.
  • Successful completion of a total of at least 240 European Credit Accumulation Transfer System (ECTS) as per this curriculum with 8 semester and four year;