About the College

Director, College of Computing

In our university it is known that, recently academic wing structure were restructured. Among that Institute of Technology (IOT) is the one of academic wing structure restructured. Under Institute of Technology there are college of Engineering and College of Computing. The departments found under Computing College are Computer Science, Information Science and Information Systems. Computer Science and Information Systems four years duration program. The primary objective of our college is to produce a high quality graduate with an entrepreneurial and problem-solving mindset. Educating and training students for the very dynamic and rapidly changing science and technology market. As well as, educating and training students to become life-long learners by providing them with a sound base in basic sciences .Motivating students to become innovators who can respond very positively to the challenges and opportunities presented by new ideas and technologies. Laying a strong foundation for, and imparting confidence in students who may want to pursue post-graduate studies later in life and can contribute to the economic growth and societal change.